Apps created just for fun hold a special place in the world of technology. Through these apps, you can check the limits of your creativity and have fun doing so. Today, we are discussing the fake but useful Android apps that you should have on your phone. You must have installed or used tons of Android apps on your phone. But, did you know that there are few Android apps that are made for fun? Here we have listed down the top best fake but useful Android apps that you can use for fun, entertainment and to kill time during boring times.

Best Android Apps for Free: Fake apps for Android are great for entertainment, or for just having fun. There are many fake apps that are just for fun and sometimes no one can differentiate between the fake app and the original app. In this post, I’m going to share with you the top best fake but useful apps for Android phones.


1. Fake Text Messages

Fake Texting is an android app that allows you to create fake text messages for any contact in your address book. You can choose from a variety of fake message templates and style them to match each situation. The app includes a number of features that let you add a realistic touch to your fake message, including the ability to set the time and date, add a location, and choose from a variety of massage styles. You can even choose from a variety of message bubbles to personalize your fake message. You can change the status of the message as shown below that is shown as delivered, Read & Delivered.Β  You can also change text message content as shown below & you can also create a fake message from gallery images as shown below You can also select the message from the default message. This app gives you the option to send a fake text message full screen or text only. The fake message will be in full screen so that it looks like a real message. The full-screen text message also looks like a real text message. The Fake Text Messages free app is the best app to create fake text messages.



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2. Call Assistant

Well, Fake Callers can be really useful, but what if you get a real call? And then you have to say that you are busy when really you’re not. Well, then you can use this app. This app helps to create fake calling with a set recorded audio to talk fakely with a set schedule and use call screens. A fun call recorder to play pranks on friends and family. Call Assistant is a funny app that simulates incoming and outgoing calls. You can set up a fake call, set your own outgoing call and you can also set a caller ID. Choose a contact from your phonebook, set the date, time, and duration of the call, press start, and get ready for the funniest pranks. Your friends and family will think that you’re getting a call when you’re actually the one who is playing a prank. Fake Call is one of the most popular Android apps that help you to get rid of awkward situations in your life. It is a very user-friendly app that is used by millions of people around the world.

it is the best app to take back control of your life. It helps you to manage your personal and professional life.



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3. Hola Fake Gps

Hola Fake Gps app is a good android app to set fake locations. This app makes your fake location. It is a good app when you can set your location to anywhere. Share your location with your friends. In the app store, you can find many fake GPS apps but this app is best for all apps fake GPS. Hola Fake Gps is a top best app for free. There are free apps. This is a useful app for us. This is a good android app. Hola Fake Gps app is the best app for free. This is a fake GPS app. This app is best for setting fake locations. it helps you to fake locations and you can set fake locations and share via social media and other apps. You can set fake locations to any location in the world. This app helps you to share location and pin location on the map you can share the fake location via social media and other apps.

When you are traveling then you can set your location to home. If anybody calls you then you can also set your location to some other place. So you can easily enjoy your traveling.Β 



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4. Fake Name Generator

Fake name generator app is a feature-rich software program that generates fake personal information with a few clicks of your mouse. It includes options for personal details, addresses, phone numbers, and credit card info. You can generate up to 18 different combinations of fake info. You can also generate random social security numbers, and create a fake birthdate. It is a simple app that generates fake details for you. It has fake details for the Name: First name, Middle name, and Last name. Address: Full Address and Address Line 1 and Address Line 2. Card Number: Credit card number, Expiration date, and Security code. Phone Number: Main phone number and Second phone number. IP Address: Public IP Address and Private IP Address.

Nowadays this app become very popular in android app store’s because this app is very useful for people who want to play pranks on their friends, but this app is also useful for people who don’t want to share their personal information online they also can use this app to get fake detail.




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Fake WhatsApp is a free app that lets you create a fake WhatsApp chat. It’s a perfect tool for testing your friends, for fun, and for spying, it’s just for entertainment. With this app, you can easily create a fake chat and send it to your friends. In the chat, you can write anything you want. You can create a new chat with your friend or with a fake account. Then you can edit the chat and select a date and time when you want it to look like you have written something. Also, you can select the date and time when this chat will end. So, you can write a funny joke, chat with your friends, or with a fake account, and then send it to anyone you want. You can even post it on Facebook to make fun of your friends. Just use your imagination.

This app is also very good for testing your friends or for spying. You can see how they will react if they receive a fake message from you. Fake Chat is the best application for fun, pranks, jokes, and entertainment. Use Fake Chat to prank your friends and family, or to show them how cool you are!

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In this article, we will be discussing some of the best fake apps for free on the market aimed at people who want to prank their friends. These apps are useful for daily life and some of them can be used for Facebook pranking. We hope that you find this article and these apps useful for your everyday life and we also hope that you have some fun with them. It’s time to find out about the best fake apps for Android! These superb apps are able to provide you with a ton of features that can help you in everyday situations. Whether you are looking for a fake call app or a fake GPS location app, we’ve got you covered. Check out our list of the best fake apps below:

We hope you enjoyed our article about the best fake apps for Android. With this knowledge, we know that you will be able to use these fake apps for Android for all sorts of fun pranks and jokes. So what are you waiting for? Get these fake apps for Android today by visiting ___.


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