We will share the 10 most useful android and iOS apps (iPhone and Andriod) that offer free services to users and no need for any payment. So users can easily get these apps on their mobiles and enjoy these app services. Apps have become what is one of the most important parts of today’s life. From the simplest to the most complex task these apps help us achieve everything we need. Even to find a place to eat or a movie to watch. Anywhere, anytime. This blog is about some of the best apps that will help you enhance productivity, and make your life easier and amazing.

This blog highlights some really cool apps that will help you on your business trips and make your life easier We are going to share the 10 most helpful android and iOS apps (iPhone and Andriod) that offer free services to users and no need for any payment. So users can easily get these apps on their mobiles and enjoy these app services. These aren’t just apps that we were interested in but are actually pretty useful for everyone


10. Always on AMOLED Edge Lighting

Edge is the best app for Android users who want to customize the LED light of their phones. Do you feel bored with the standard LED color of your Android device? Or do you want to make it more unique? Then Edge is your best choice. Edge allows you to customize the LED light of your phone and make it more beautiful and personal. Features: 1. Set a custom color for every contact 2. Add a special color for specific events, e.g. birthdays or anniversaries 3. Set a different color for SMS, missed calls, voice mail, and other events 4. Create a color cycle and make your phone look like a disco light. 5. Use the built-in or the widget to quickly switch between colors 6. Use your favorite image as LED 7. Optionally dim the light while you are using your device, to save the battery 8. Create a colorful ringtone with your LED light 9. Set a different color for incoming and outgoing calls 10. Set a different color for low battery, no SIM card, and other events.

The edge lighting app works with the OLED screen of your phone. It is a beautiful app that gives a nice glow to your SMS and calls notifications. The color of the notifications is customizable. It works with the stock messaging and calling apps. You can also use it with a third-party messaging app like WhatsApp or Google Voice.




9. Colorize Images

Colorize images app is a simple app that helps you in coloring your black and white photos. You can now colorize your old black-and-white photos and reminisce about your good old days. You can edit a photo in a few simple steps. The app has an easy-to-use interface. You do not need to be a professional to use this app as it is very easy to use. You just need to select the photo from your gallery and tap on the image to start coloring. You can choose from various brush sizes. You just need to tap on the color that you want to use and then use the size slider to adjust the size of the brush. If you love to share quotes and pics, but hate that they’re in black and white, worry no more: there’s an app for that, and it’s called Colorize. Colorize is a free app available on both Android and iOS that allows you to convert your black and white photos into color photos by adding color to the pixels. Essentially, the app uses the dominant colors in the image to fill in the rest of the colors.



8. Computer Launcher 2

Computer Launcher 2 for Android is the perfect launcher for those who enjoy the simplicity of Windows XP and Windows 7. This launcher will help you recreate the Windows XP and Windows 7 experience on your Android device. We’ve all heard the saying, “There’s an app for that”, well today we’re going to go through some of the best apps for Android and iOS users! We’ll start with computer launcher 2. Computer Launcher is the most sophisticated launcher for Android. It’s the best launcher for Android tablets and the best Android launcher for Android phones. You can use it to make your phone look like a computer, but it has many more features, including It is an Android application that allows you to simulate the look and feel of Windows. With the help of this application, you can easily access your favorite applications, games, files, and folders. It emulates Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. It also has a taskbar and a start menu. Right-click feature is also available. You can also use this to lock your Android device. It is installed like a normal application. Once it is installed, you can use the start menu to select your applications and games.



7. Amoung Lock – Amoungus locker

Amoung Lock is the most secure App Lock available on the market. Protect your privacy with a password, pattern, or fingerprint lock screen. It is the App Protector for your app privacy. Amoung Lock will protect your private photos, videos, text messages, contacts, call logs, and more! This app lock is the best app to secure your phone, and you can use the app lock to block unwanted users, including strangers and friends, to access your phone. App lock can also lock photos, SMS, Contacts, and any app you choose. It can help you to keep your private data safe and secure and protect your privacy If you don’t want to share your personal stuff with others then you are at the right place. Here amoung is the best app to manage your privacy on your android & iOS devices. This app is real security with the pattern of your fingerprint. With the help of this app, you can lock your applications, images, videos, PDF, and many more. 



6. Photo Boom

The Photo Boom app has a lot of features to add to your photos. You can add background remove, add new same quality, and edit photos with this App. The Photo Boom app is a very easy and simple app to use. It has a very nice user interface and it is a super useful app for your daily life. Photo Boom is the best app for editing photos and creating collages. Enjoy the freedom to combine your photos in magical ways. You can create everything from awesome collages to funny memes, and everything in between. Get creative and post directly to Instagram and Facebook. Photo Boom – Photo Editor & Collage Maker is one of the best photo editing apps. It’s built with ease and simplicity in mind, as well as a ton of features. There’s no shortage of photo editing apps in the Play Store or App Store, but Photo Boom has a lot going for it.



5. ToonMe

ToonMe is an app that can make your photo look like a cartoon. With the free version, you can add a filter to your photo, change the color of your photo, add a caption to your photo, add stickers and text to your photo and add frames to your photo. With the paid version you can add more than one filter to your photo and add more than one sticker and text to your photo. The paid version also includes features to remove blemishes and whiten your teeth. This is a very cool photo editor app. You can edit your photo in a cool cartoon way. It is very easy to use. Just open the app and tap on the photo to edit it. It has many filter effects and you can also use your own images. The size of the photos can be changed. It is compatible with Android and iOS. The app is very small in size. It is available for free on Google Play Store and on Apple App Store.




4. Gocut

Gocut is a glowing video editing app that allows you to edit like a neon effect. It has a simple interface and is neat with some great neon tools for you. You can create unique and eye-catching videos that are illuminated by neon effects. If you want to edit your videos for your social media or want to make them interesting, then you need to use this app. You can download this app from Google Play Store or App Store. You can create a video of your own and add neon effects to it. You can also download the videos from other social media sites like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. For making and editing videos, you don’t have to be a pro.

If you have a problem using it, then you can watch the video tutorials available on YouTube.




3. Sticker.ly

Sticker.ly is a free online photo sticker maker that lets you create custom photo stickers. You can easily turn your photos into stickers, create customized birthday cards and greeting cards, wedding invitations, and more. You can also share your stickers via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. Sticker.ly is an app on which a user can create stickers for WhatsApp. It can be used for personal and professional purposes to create stickers for WhatsApp and other apps. There are different features available in this app like stickers maker, unicorn stickers maker, etc. The most interesting thing about this app is that the stickers are made from your own photo. You can select your own photos and use them as stickers. You can also change the color of the stickers or add text to them. this is an awesome app that allows you to create your own stickers with your own image on them. You can upload an image and manipulate it to look however you want. You can then send it to anyone that has an app and they can download it, put it on their keyboard and then use it as a sticker. It’s pretty awesome, you can download it for free on Android and iOS.




2. Remini Photo

Remini is a photo editing app that will let you do a lot of things with your photos. You can add various stickers to your photos and make a collage of them, adjust the brightness and contrast, apply some cool effects and get creative with your photos. Just snap a picture with your android device and upload the picture to Remini. Remini turns the image into a dreamy-looking painting. It can also be used to create a popular style of photography called tilt-shift. This style of photography is used to take a photo of a model or thing and make it look like a miniature model or doll. Remini photo app is an amazing photo editing app for android and ios users. It can easily edit your photo and turn them into something completely different and unique. Not only that, but you can also apply various effects to your photos, such as glow, shadow, color, and many more. You can also add stickers and text to your photo. The best part is you can easily share your photo with your friends, or save it to your gallery. It has great performance and it supports Android and iOS devices. It’s also very easy to share with your friends and family.




1. Ip Webcam

Your old phone is a CCTV camera in just one app. With Ip Webcam App, you can use your old phone as a CCTV camera. This app shows the live view from your phone’s camera on the screen of your phone. Watch and listen to the surroundings of your phone with the help of this app. Ip Webcam App helps you to keep an eye on your loved ones, office, shop, warehouse, and more. This app is a great way to keep an eye on your home, office, shop, warehouse, and more. Nowadays, everyone is in need of a security system. There are several ways to keep your home or workplace safe, such as a burglar alarm, a door lock, or a security guard. However, these methods are often expensive. A cheaper alternative is to install an Ip Webcam App These devices are affordable and can be easily connected to a TV, computer, or smart device. These apps are great for watching live video from your IP camera. Each app has its own set of features and benefits.





If you have an Android phone or an iPhone, you probably have a lot of apps on your phone. There are countless apps available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. But even if you have a lot of apps on your phone, there are some apps that are considered to be the best apps for Android and iPhone users. Check out our list of the top 10 super useful apps for Android and iPhone users. We hope you enjoyed our list of 10 must-have apps for Android and iOS users. We know that you will be able to make the most of the apps that we have selected for you and that you will find great use for them in your everyday life. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download the apps that we have mentioned today 

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